Australian Video Art Archive

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There are two purposes for which DVDs can be rented from the Australian Video Art Archive (AVAA): for research purposes or for exhibition/screening purposes. Each DVD has a ‘single play’ and a ‘looped’ version of the work.

To place an order to rent a DVD for research or exhibition/screening, please send a completed ‘Rental Agreement’ form by regular mail or fax to the Australian Video Art Archive at:

Australian Video Art Archive,
Monash University,
Faculty of Art & Design,
PO Box 197, Caulfield East,
VIC 3145, Australia.

Tel: +61 3 9903 2290 or +61 39903 2255
Fax: +61 3 9903 1440

By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which you have read.


The rented Work may be used only for the agreed purpose; that is, research if this is the agreed purpose or exhibition/screening if this is the agreed purpose. In the case of galleries or public screening venues the work can only be exhibited on the premises or property of the renting institution.

The renting institute can NOT duplicate in any form the rented Work.

In the case of exhibition the renting institution must negotiate with the AVAA for a still image for use in materials including flyers, posters, brochures, newspapers, magazines and other signage for the purposes of publicity, promotion and education.

This agreement does NOT include the right to broadcast, cablecast or present the rented Work in whole or part in analogue or in digital format on the Internet.

Please read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for further details.


Rental for Research purposes: $AUS 55 per calendar month inclusive of GST

Rental for Exhibition/Screening purposes: $AUS 330 per calendar month inclusive of GST


Australia $AUS 15

International $AUS 30

Payment is by credit card only. Details are included in the ‘Rental Agreement’ form.

Most domestic orders can be processed and shipped within two weeks of receiving proof of payment. International orders may take longer. Please confirm and pay for your order at least two weeks in advance. All customers are required to ship preview and rental tapes back at their own expense.


By renting a DVD of the rented Work from the AVAA you agree that we are permitted to charge your credit card according to the Rental Agreement Details.

In the case of late return of a DVD an additional monthly rental fee may be charged to your credit card. Non return of rentals will attract continued fees.


DVDs are in PAL format only. All DVDs are authored to included a ‘single play’ version of the Work and a ‘looped’ version of the Work (looped for exhibition purposes).


The AVAA can provide stills for promotional purposes. We can email video stills at 72 dpi. We can also ship stills - a fee may apply. The credit line must read, "Courtesy of the Artist and the Australian Video Art Archive," in all publications.

We encourage you to send us copies of any promotional materials, program notes, reviews or audience feedback that result from the screening of AVAA programs. Where possible, please credit AVAA as the distributor on your print materials.