Australian Video Art Archive

Sarah crowEST



Sarah crowEST is a British/Australian artist, born in London and currently living and working in Melbourne. CrowEST’s practice is grounded in ‘sculpture’ and whilst presented as performance and video, objects and props invariably provide the impetus for her work. If she can be described as a video artist, it is as a naïve one who struggles with technical considerations and often decides to let that show. Humour is used to address darkly tinged emotional states that bubble through from the inside to manifest externally in a physical way through behaviours, prosthetics and objects.

CrowEST’s film and video work has screened at the Breda Film Festival 2009 in the Netherlands, Baird Gardens in London, The Goethe Institute in Lisbon, Gallery 9 and Sony Tropfest 2008 in Sydney, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts and Kings ARI in Melbourne, the EAF in Adelaide, 24HOUR Art in Darwin, PICA in Perth and Canberra Contemporary Art Space.