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Anne Marsh


Body and Self: Performance Art in Australia 1969-1992 Download it!

Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1993. 262 pages.

Body and Self: Performance Art in Australia 1969-1992 is still the only monograph on performance art in Australia. This book has been highly acclaimed nationally and internationally. Professor Peggy Phelan – then at New York University – wrote that it: "is the best work on Australian Art and Feminism."
[Art and Feminism, New York and London: Phaidon, 2001, p. 47]

Juliana Engberg, Director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, wrote: "Marsh’s research is exhaustive and far reaching ... aside from being the most complete and authoritative account of Australian Performance Art, Marsh also provides us with an opportunity to fill gaps in our knowledge about the development of general art practice in Australia, After reading this book there can be no doubt that the performative urge and politic underlines much of the activity which hangs on the walls in the galleries of the ‘90s."
[World Art, November 1993, p. 119]

Charles Green said "Body and Self is an art-historical survival kit: it is the most concise and intelligent periodisation of contemporary art in print."
[Art Monthly, December-February 1993-94, pp. 33-35]