Australian Video Art Archive

Anne Marsh



LOOK: Contemporary Australian Photography

South Yarra: Macmillan, 2010. 400 pages

"Look represents over 150 artists with more than 400 colour plates. [...] A series of scholarly essays accompany the extraordinary array of reproductions which bring to the viewer what must be one of the most comprehensive collections of Australian photographic art ever compiled. With the ever-expanding inclusion of photography and photographic components within the most exciting current trends in contemporary art, this major publication will be essential reading for those who wish to grasp the essence of art now." [Palgrave Macmillan]

Pat Brassington: This is Not a Photograph

Quintus an imprint of the University of Tasmania, 2006. 63 pages.

"Pat Brassington: This is Not a Photograph is an art monograph examining the work of this leading photomedia artist. Brassington has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas. Her work is represented in many public and private collections." [Quintus Publishing]

The Darkroom: Photography and the Theatre of Desire

Melbourne: Macmillan, 2003. 287 pages.

"Anne Marsh's treatise on the art of photography traces its theoretical underpinning from the early debates between the rationalists and the fantasists, through psychoanalytical interpretations, to the theatre of desire. She investigates the role of photography in 'ghostly performances', the 'masking of desire' and 'high camp aesthetics' - through to 'performance art' and the role of the photographer as a 'gender terrorist' - as in the work of Del La Grace Volcano. The study concludes with notable examples of postmodern photography as they have occurred in the Australian context." [Palgrave Macmillan]

Body and Self: Performance Art in Australia 1969-1992

Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1993. 262 pages.

Body and Self: Australian Performance Art 1969-1992 charts the historical course from the happenings of the 1960s, through body art in the 1970s, towards a more political body in the 1980s. Body and Self considers works by Karen Finley, Lyndal Jones, Mike Parr, Peter Kennedy, Bob Ramsay, Jim Cowley, Stuart Brisley, Vito Acconci, Hermann Nitsch, Kevin Mortensen, Jill Orr, Arthur Wicks, Jude Walton, Ken Unsworth and Jill Scott among others.